It’s Summer Time!: Taking a Stress-Free Vacation.

The Bahamas!  London!  Tokyo!  Where will your next vacation be?  The
first things that come to mind about a summer vacation should be ultimate
relaxation, pampering, and stress-free fun.  But figuring out what to pack
the night before, lost bags at the airport, and less-than-satisfactory
lodging can make your getaway a place in which you really want to get away

Stress can be described as any non-specific demand on our minds and
bodies.  Statistics reveal that stress causes 95% of all illnesses.  It is
no wonder why so many people suffer from high blood pressure, aches,
pains, and addictions.  Some symptoms of stress include:
-       Things seem out of our control,
-       Our reactions don’t fit the situation,
-       Our expectations are left unmet,
-       We experience painful losses,
-       We believe untruths about ourselves,
-       People have mistreated us, and/or
-       Painful toxic emotions.

These feelings are a sure way to spoil anyone’s vacation.  Negative
emotions and tension with traveling companions can also contribute to
stress during a vacation.  When we attempt to carry pain for others we
care deeply about, emotions become toxic and burdensome.  Although we are
under no obligation to take on other’s negativity, it often happens.
Usually the negative person is perceived as stronger and the gentler
person is imposed upon.  In our attempt to be kind to these friends or
family members, we think we are being empathetic by relieving their load
through feeling and/or accepting their pain, however, this is not the
case.  In reality, we cannot carry someone else’s pain.  If we do, we are
taking on more responsibility that we need to, and it is only an illusion
that we are helping.  We falsely perceive this as a loving act.  It is
more helpful to be understanding in a detached manner.  It is not healthy
to carry another’s burden, for this is when it becomes toxic to our
health.  This toxicity then leads to internal tension.

When internal tension is lodged in cells, it causes extreme stress on
internal organs.  It is this stress that is converted to illness, both
physical and emotional.  If we can eradicate such internal tension, our
bodies and minds will be able to live in a healthier state.  Therefore, it
is in our best interest to avoid such triggers that can bring about
internal tension.

Planning and even going on a vacation can be an overwhelming task!  But,
if you can steer clear of these tensions, then you’re on your way to a
peaceful vacation.  So, in order to take that stress-free vacation, it is
important to make sure to plan ahead, be prepared for changes or
cancellations in plans, and be knowledgeable in dealing with the type of
people you are traveling with so that you can handle situations with them
in the best way possible.  Also, while it is good to be empathetic, at the
same time it is important to take care of yourself, both mentally and

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