Managing Your Weight in the Summer

For some, summer is an exciting season of warm weather and going to the
beach.  However, for others, summer is a dreaded time when we wish we had
begun working out six months ago.  But alas, the summer months have once
again come around, and desperation sets in.  Skipping meals, fasting,
using food substitutes, smoking, and other unhealthy, seemingly “quick
fixes” for weight loss are more common practices than we would like to
think.  Weight gain and feelings of discomfort with our weight often lead
to unhappy and dissatisfied emotions.   People are often unsuccessful with
weight loss systems, and this only creates further discouragement.  We
often wonder if our overactive craving for food and lack of motivation to
exercise are the causes of our inability to successfully lose weight and
keep it off, or if it is merely procrastination that prevents us from
doing so.  However, there may actually be more to weight issues than you

Weight problems may surface from many underlying causes.  Such causes
could be stress, a sense of powerlessness, an appeasement for overwhelming
guilt, a lack of satisfaction in life among many other contributing
factors.  Finding the root cause for overeating lies within the
subconscious mind, in which some event in our lives, such as a traumatic
experience from childhood, is the underlying trigger for the weight
problem.  The amount of food we eat and how we deal with weight control
are choices that we feel work best for us, and this ultimately protects
our inner feelings.  Once the stress of the initial event is discovered
and relieved, the subconscious mind enables the individual to take control
of their body and their emotions.  From that point on, it becomes much
easier for the weight to come off.  Then, an efficient exercise plan can
be implemented.  For many who have undergone this process, they are able
to stick to consistent and healthy diet and exercise habits.  From the
moment the stressful problem is discovered and corrected, the individual
is already on his or her way to recovery.

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