Overcome the fear of rejection using these sure-fire sales tips.

Think of sales as a selection process rather than a rejection process.

The customer will select the parts of the product or service you’re offering that they need. They may need all or part of it, and they may need it now or later. You are there as an educator. A good salesperson will find out how to meet the customers’ needs and show the benefits rather than the features of buying the product or service. If you cannot meet your customers’ needs, then always recommend someone who can. Such gestures are often reciprocated.

Ask a lot of questions.

Evaluate your prospects to find out who they are. By asking a lot of questions and understanding who you are selling to, you will have a better idea of how to approach them with your pitch. As you ask questions, be sure to ask open-ended questions rather than “yes” or “no” ones. The more you can get the prospect talking about him or herself, the more information you’ll gain to close the sale.

Evaluate your marketplace and go where the fertile ground is.

Follow what the marketplace tells you and go with what has worked in the past. If you know you’re targeting the appropriate market for your product or service and that it has worked in the past, you reduce your odds of rejection. If, however, you still hear a lot of “no” responses, then you need to refocus where and whom you’re targeting. Try a different tactic. You want to reduce your odds of rejection in any way you can so you are less likely to face it.

Look and feel your best.

We all experience more happiness and productivity when we look and feel our best. So look in the mirror and give yourself a pep talk. Tell yourself how great you are. If you don’t reject yourself, nobody else can reject you.

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