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Managing Your Weight in the Summer


For some, summer is an exciting season of warm weather and going to the beach.  However, for others, summer is a dreaded time when we wish we had begun working out six months ago.  But alas, the summer months have once again come around, and desperation sets in.  Skipping meals, fasting, using food substitutes, smoking, and other unhealthy, seemingly “quick fixes” for weight loss are more common practices than we would like to think.  Weight […]


You can beat addiction!


Today’s post is powerful testimonial from a patient that has beaten addictions! This Monday marks the five-week anniversary of my first visit to Dr. Sidman and I remember being filled with trepidation about driving the great distance to her office. Three weeks earlier I had upped the ante on my daily alcohol, nicotine and Tylenol PM consumption. It was now a whopping half gallon of Red Label, ten to twelve Coors Lites, three packs of […]


How To Relieve Stress-Related Illness

stress ball

What Can You Do To Relieve Stress-Related Illness? If you can free yourself of this internal tension, your body will return to its natural healthy state. You have the ability to be at peace. To achieve inner peace, addressing and relieving the tension will bring your body and mind into harmony. When your subconscious and conscious are in conflict, that’s when the stress related ailments develop. When you are overwhelmed by failing to control uncontrollable […]


Stress Related Ailments


Is Your Ailment Stress-Related? Some symptoms of stress may be that you’re tired all the time, you’re unable to sleep, you experience chronic back pain, and you don’t feel like leaving the house or doing the things you used to enjoy. You should be aware of your lifestyle, how your body feels, and what’s not working for you. If you’re diagnosed with a stress-related illness and prescribed traditional medication, you should integrate some stress management […]